Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Real Friendship Story

This picture is not like what you are expecting…!

In 1967, this picture ranked as the best picture of the year and was named as “the life kiss”, this picture shows two electricians were working on testing one of the electrical pole, the first one called Champion and other one called Simpson, while they were on the top of the electrical pole and during their routine test on the electrical conduit, the electrician Champion got an electrical shock of 4000 volts which caused his heart to stop beating anymore (notice: the electric chair used for the purpose of execution turns out only 2000 volts ), as you can observe on the picture that the safety belt prevented him from dropping to the ground, his friend Simpson saw him and dashed quickly toward his friend with no fear from the electricity, as he held him and placed his mouth over his mouth and gave him a deep breaths through his mouth to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to revive his lungs with air, as he couldn't do the C.P.R to his friend because he was stuck on the pole, so it was very difficult to conduct C.P.R, and suddenly the beats started coming out dimly from Champion's heart, then Simpson unfastened the safely belt and carried him on his shoulder and got him to the ground, then he called the other laborers to help him and conduct the C.P.R, his eyes started blinking little by little, then they took him to the incentive care in the hospital, then Champion returned to the life again, and all this was because of his faithful friend.

Best Salutation to the Real Friends. 


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